Project Partners

The team works with partners from environmental fields of activity and exhibiting institutions in order to realise joint input events involving as well with the public.

The partners engaging in fields of ecology and sustainable development – governamental departments, evaluation offices, universities – are embedded in a broad network of regional and supraregional protagonists. The collaboration in the RhyCycling project layed a solid ground especially through workshops accompanying the research process and generating relevant content. Besides of consultancy regarding the object biographies and the audio walk, the ongoing collaboration takes place in the context of public events as project workshops and the exhibition at Museum der Kulturen Basel in 2017.

Amt für Umwelt und Energie Basel-Stadt
Anette Graupe, Martin Lüchinger, Mirica Scarselli

Tiefbauamt Basel-Stadt, Entwässerung und Gewässer
Rodolfo Lardi, Martin Hofmann

Life Science AG Basel
Dr Daniel Küry

Universität Basel, Interdisziplinäre Forschungsstelle Nachhaltige Energie- und Wasserversorgung
Dr Stephan Schmidt

Universität Basel, Institut Mensch, Gesellschaft, Umwelt MGU, aquatische Systeme
Prof Dr Patricia Holm

ETH Zürich, Departement Geistes-, Sozial- und Staatswissenschaften
PD Dr Astrid Schwarz

Empa, Technology & Society Lab
Dr. Patrick Wäger, Heinz Böni, Rolf Widmer

Dr Armin Peter, Fish ecologist Eawag

Trinationales Umweltzentrum TRUZ Weil am Rhein/D
Dr Astrid Deek

PH Freiburg, Institut für Politik- und Geschichtswissenschaft/D
Prof Dr Bernd-Stefan Grewe

Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel
Sabine Himmelsbach, Shusha Niederberger

Museum der Kulturen Basel
Stephanie Lovász

Further international contacts:

Media-N, Journal of the New Media Caucus
Pat Badani, Editor-in-Chief, (media) artists

University of Texas – Pan American
Prof Dr Margaret Dorsey, Anthropology Program

Goldsmith College, Center for Cultural Studies, London/GB
Dr Mattiew Fuller and Graham Harwood, lecturer and researcher on Ecomedia

YASMIN Internetforum
Dr Roger F. Malina, space scientist, astronomer, editor of Leonardo (international Journal on Art and Science)

World of Matter
International art and media project on resources and its complex ecological conditions; with contributions of theorists and artists. Contact: Ursula Biemann, (video) artist, author.